prep & Aftercare

Pre tattoo preparation

In preparing for your upcoming tattoo appointment.

please purchase these items to prior to getting your tattoo so you have ready to go.

aquaphor ointment , antibacterial hand soap,  & plastic wrap. 

eat you a good breakfast prior. 

dress appropriately to have easy access to the desired tattoo area. i recommend wearing clothes you are ok with possibly getting ink on. 

you may bring a small pillow and blanket for added comfort. 

you may bring snacks and desired non-alcoholic beverage.

(we provide drinks for you as well.) 

*if you are sick or not well please notify your artist for a reschedule*


after the first hour remove the wrap and wash your tattoo with warm water and soap.  you should wash your tattoo twice a day while its healing.

avoid swimming. do not submerge the tattoo in any body of water during the healing process.

for the first two nights wash your tattoo then apply ointment and wrap. only before bed.  you do not need to re-wrap it any other time in the day.

apply a small amount of ointment to the tattoo for the next 10 days, up to 3-4 times a day.

if you should have peeling and or scabbing please avoid peeling. 

keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight. 

after 10 days you may switch to a lotion moisturizer. 

curel or jergens are recommended.