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This page was created to better prepare you for any upcoming work your seeking to get from me. Also to speed the process of getting you on the books! I hope you find this helpful. Thank you.
These time frames are based on an average time of what I’ve recently done over the last 2 years. YOUR time frame is ultimately determined in an in person consultation. Every client is different, and every design as well. 
For chest, back, and stomach projects, we will discuss in person or video call if out of state.


Full sleeve

Full sleeves are usually projects lasting months. With the booking being 3 weeks to a month apart. The option to book back to back 2 day sessions are always available to complete these projects quicker. 
On average these projects range from 6-10 full day sessions per arm.

Bicep Quarter sleeves

Over the years I’ve been able to narrow it down and see the similar timing with lower leg, (below the knee) quarter sleeves, and bicep quarter sleeves. 
On average prepare for 2-4  full day sessions for either.

Lower quarter sleeve

These tattoos like all of the tattoos I do, are scaled to fit the area, per client. On average lower arm quarter sleeves take 1-2 full day sessions.

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