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Protect your investment

To get tattooed is a LUXURY. As all luxuries, care makes it last. To have a great experience you want to properly prepare for your day there. Get a good nights rest. Be sure the morning of you eat a balanced breakfast. Come dressed comfortable and in appropriate clothing to easily access the area being tattooed. You are welcome to bring snacks and beverage of your choice and a small pillow or blanket. For Full day sessions a meal will be provided for you and your plus one. Your plus one has to be 18yrs and up. You may bring audio headphones for yourself if you want to get in your own zone. We do provide movies and music. Along with water, coffee, and mineral waters. 

Please DONOT consume any painkillers or alcohol prior to getting tattooed. This will cause thinning of your blood and make it a hard process to tattoo you. 


for whatever reason, allergies, hangover, simple cold. I WILL NOT TATTOO YOU. I  want your experience to be a great one. Therefor, if your feeling ill, please notify me 72hrs prior to our scheduled day to have your appointment rescheduled, and to keep your deposit in good standing. A NO CALL/NO SHOW will automatically forfeit your deposit.


What you'll need at home.

To properly prepare, your going to want to purchase the following items. Plastic wrap, Aquaphor, Antibacterial/antimicrobial hand soap. After your tattoo you will leave with instructions on proper care for your tattoo for the next 10 days.


NO Submerging your tattoo

Applies to Baths, lakes, pools, ponds, all bodies of water...

For the next 10 days I recommend no swimming. Natural waters may cause irritation or infection to broken skin. Pool water will bleach the tattoo. Showers are okay, even the night of. Use only the recommended soap. Hand lather only.

Image by Blake Barlow

NO direct sunlight

for the next 10 days

Sunlight will bleach out any pigments your new tattoo will have. Of course getting a sunburn on a new tattoo is just not smart and may be even more painful. Be mindful of your new ink. Covering it with light breathable clothing will suffice to allow you to still do your daily activities. Try to avoid prolonged time in the sun if possible for the first 10 days. After the peeling or shiny stage, from there on sunblock is safe to apply.

Image by Jackson David
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